Savant Consulting is a boutique search firm with detailed knowledge of recruiting in technology driven industries.

We deliver a competitive advantage to our business partners by locating and attracting key professionals.

We help ensure the most talented employees work for you, rather than your competition!




We partner with you to create an effective and exhaustive recruiting strategy. The following key steps encompass what we consider to be a full search process. We are eager to help you use these ideas to enhance your current process.

1. Developing a Position Description
We want to partner with you and believe the start of a search is an important time to bring everyone into alignment. We discuss your requirements with your stakeholders to build consensus and clarity from the very beginning of a search. This allows us to screen candidates and only introduce the candidates that will excite you. As a result, you save time and can redirect internal resources toward other activities while we locate and introduce candidates that will add value and fit your environment.

2. Create a "Relevant Companies List"
In this step, we define the companies where prospective candidates are most likely located. Usually, this list is comprised of your competitors and Savant Consulting has a HUGE advantage because of our size. Search firms have "off-limits" agreements to NOT recruit from clients. (We do too!). Large international firms contract with many clients, creating large lists of "off-limit" companies, reducing their potential candidate pool. As a result, a large firm's ability to locate and develop candidates from the entire range of successful companies is restricted. Our small size means we can provide access to many more potential candidates.

3. Conduct Research
Yes, we have a database and a network of talented candidates throughout the technology sector, as does every successful search firm. The difference is that your search is specific to your situation, so we conduct research based on your defined needs. Yes, we can often save time by referring to past research; however, there is no replacement for targeted research, which we conduct for every search. We want to be sure to explore as many candidates as possible and find the very best candidates for your position.

4. Candidate Development
We call candidates and discuss your position with them. We get them excited about your company. We also interview potential candidates about the skills and experience they will bring to the organization. Our principals have years of experience at conducting telephone, video and face-to-face interviews and evaluating the skills and personality needed to truly add value to your organization.

5. Presenting Candidates
As straightforward as it sounds, this step is important in developing the relationship between candidates and the hiring manager. We introduce the candidate along with a resume and notes from our conversations. We include strengths, weaknesses, skills, salary history and requirements and any other information that you specify. We can also facilitate interviews and be involved as little or as much as you prefer. We know that this is a crucial step in the hiring process and respect your need to have our role tailored to your style.

6. Offer of Employment and Compensation Negotiation
We work diligently to ensure the candidate's expectations are in alignment with your environment. In addition, we offer our services in negotiating compensation because we all know this topic can be delicate. It is often helpful for a third party to facilitate this discussion. As always, we respect your style and will be involved as little or as much as you deem appropriate.

7. Follow-Up
We are a service business. Our continued success depends on our ability to exceed your expectations. We stay in touch with both the hiring manager and the candidate to ensure both parties are excited about the new relationship. We share your focus on the new employee and we will work to help integrate newly hired professionals into your organization.

We look forward to discussing your recruiting needs and adding to the successful growth of your business.



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